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Getting Support

Resources to help you navigate the treatment journey

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The Patient AXIS Center®

You may have questions about insurance coverage, financial assistance, injection training, or other Serostim®-related questions. We’re here to provide you and your care team with the tools and resources to make your treatment journey with Serostim® as easy as possible, giving you and your healthcare provider more opportunities to focus on you.

Patient AXIS Center® Support Highlights

Ask your healthcare provider to enroll you today to help get your Serostim® faster!

With commercial insurance, Serostim® requires a Prior Authorization, which can add time to the process of getting your prescription. When you’re enrolled in the Patient AXIS Center®, we help you get your Prior Authorization faster, in around 2 weeks, which may help you get your prescription sooner. If you’re not enrolled, it may take longer to obtain Prior Authorization and get your prescription.

Enrolling in the Patient AXIS Center® is a simple way to get support


  1. Your healthcare provider writes you a prescription for Serostim®
  2. Your healthcare provider enrolls you in the Patient AXIS Center®. Simply provide your email address to your healthcare provider during enrollment so we can contact you to complete the appropriate Authorization and Enrollment forms. Rest assured that we take the privacy† and security of your information very seriously
  3. Once enrolled, you’ll have access to the resources and support the Patient AXIS Center® offers, including copay and other financial assistance programs, subject to eligibility requirements

Accessing Serostim® after enrollment

  1. The Patient AXIS Center® assists your healthcare provider in completing and submitting a Prior Authorization request to your insurance provider to determine eligibility for coverage of Serostim®
  2. Your insurance provider makes a decision on the Prior Authorization request
  3. If the Prior Authorization request is approved, the Patient AXIS Center® helps process your prescription and ensures that it is delivered to the pharmacy or your home. If the request is denied, the Patient AXIS Center® helps your healthcare provider with the appeal process
  4. Pick up or take delivery of your Serostim®; if needed, get injection training* through the Patient AXIS Center®; and begin your treatment

*An injection-training order is required. If injection training is requested, the patient’s provider will be contacted to create the order prior to any training being scheduled.

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